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Editorial Reviews. Review. Blend Your Way to Better Health! From the Inside Flap . Blend Your Smoothies for Life!: Yummy, Fun, and Nutritious! by [Chace.
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Whizz up a low-fat breakfast smoothie in no time. Use banana with other soft fruit, plus honey for a little sweetness and oats for slow-release fuel.

Try this tasty breakfast smoothie to start your day, pairing sweet fruit with nutritious spinach and avocado for a dose of calcium, vitamin C, folate and fibre. Get your fruit fix with our strawberry smoothie made with banana and orange juice. It's free from dairy, so it's vegan too — making it a great start to anyone's day This smoothie is high in natural fats and sugar - ideal if you need some fuel for intense exercise. This sweet smoothie packs in plenty of nutritious ingredients, such as spinach, flaxseeds and banana, with an optional spoonful of maca powder for a natural energy boost.

This simple kiwi, mango and pineapple fruit smoothie makes an ideal morning treat. It's an easy way to pack in the vitamins and give yourself a boost Start your day off with a little ray of sunshine - a low-fat smoothie that's one of your five-a-day and tasty too! Quick and easy to make, this banana, prune, almond milk and nut butter smoothie is an ideal on-the-go energy boost. Blitz up mangoes with yogurt, cardamom, lime and honey and you have the most delicious Indian drink — a bit like a smoothie and great for breakfast Give yourself a dose of vitamin C in the morning with this vegan green smoothie.

Along with kale and avocado, there's a hit of zesty lime and pineapple This creamy smoothie is packed with nutritious ingredients. Baobab adds a tangy, sherbet flavour and is high in fibre, antioxidants and vitamin C. Full of warming and nourishing ingredients, this creamy breakfast bowl can be ready in just 10 minutes.

Smoothie recipes

Blitz healthy ingredients for an energy-boosting breakfast. Using unsweetened brown rice milk fortified with calcium and vitamins makes it more nutritious. A dairy-free vegan smoothie with fruit juice, tofu and oats to power you up at breakfast or provide sustenance for exercise. This tropical shake with creamy coconut yogurt, mango and passion fruit is dairy and soya free. Blend peaches, raspberries, orange juice and fresh custard into a fruity, creamy shake that's low in fat Frozen berries are a thrifty way of creating a healthy smoothie - pad it out with oats to make it extra filling.

A low fat, vitamin C-packed smoothie to start your day.

The BEST Green Smoothie Recipe Ever | Simple Green Smoothies

I wanted a healthy quick breakfast and snack option for our family and this book provides that for us. We went through and tagged what we liked and make them whenever we want. The kids favorites are anything with jelly donuts in the name!

I was surprised at the different "milk" options and even more surprised to find them in the grocery store at a very goo price Winco anyway. I was also able to purchase quite a bit of the ingredients in bulk from Winco. Sep 05, Julia rated it really liked it Shelves: healthy-drinks , smoothies.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

So glad I picked this book up! Jun 01, Diane Kistner rated it it was amazing. This is a tall-and-skinny little book packed with goodies. I found the introductory material worth the price of the book for helping me understand why I'm so fat and what I'm trying to accomplish by making these smoothies on a regular basis. A lightbulb went off when I read about how toxins affect the liver and one's metabolism in general. Now I see why I started gaining so much weight when I went on a certain medication.

It would have been worth the price of the book just to glean this one ins This is a tall-and-skinny little book packed with goodies. It would have been worth the price of the book just to glean this one insight. I'm one of those people who has dieted themselves into morbid obesity and metabolic dysfunction, and now I'm having to learn how to eat MORE to get my caloric intake of healthy foods up enough so my body can start functioning properly again.

I figured smoothies would be a quick way to do that while punching up the nutrition also, and this book certainly delivers in that regard. I'm not big on following recipes, so I'm not likely to work through this book on a daily basis, making each smoothie in sequence. The author, however, set good goals when designing this book because it's a way to introduce people to different kinds of healthy smoothies, in season, and be able to use up ingredients while they are fresh so they don't go to waste.

These recipes are usually for one, sometimes two, servings, but they are easily doubled if you're blending for two or more. The index is quite good. It allows you to find recipes based on ingredients you have on hand. Chace gives you tips on what's good to keep in your smoothie pantry such as chia seeds, which are used in many of the recipes and what you can substitute if you don't have a particular ingredient to keep the flavor profile similar.

Adjustments are made so that non-vegans can add in non-vegan ingredients like milk kefir and whey. Recommendations are made for high-quality ingredients the author uses, but she's not trying to sell you a line of products like some diet book authors do. I'm giving the book five stars because it's inspiring me. Sep 21, Chrissy rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , nonfiction , nutrition , for-review. I am a HUGE fan of smoothies, especially of the raw vegan variety. I've been hooked on spinach, pineapple, orange smoothies lately, and I'm totally okay with just reusing the exact same ingredients day after day.

But, I figure at some point I may get bored -- so what better to help me than new ideas for delicious smoothies?! Okay, so I don't know that this little book really accomplished my mission for new and exciting smoothies. I mean, you just throw a few things in the blender, right?

I just never really thought to try applesauce There is also helpful information on how to prepare and store certain fruits and veggies either for general or smoothie use.

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Chace details why she feels this is the best nutritional ratio for a smoothie, which is again pretty decent beginner's information on nutrition although I tend to follow a higher carb, lower protein mix in my own smoothies lately I did receive this book in electronic format for the purposes of providing an honest review, but I do honestly plan to purchase this title in actual book form to keep in my collection -- just in case I ever need a quick reminder of why a particular fruit or veggie is especially awesome for my health.

Jun 10, Cheryl rated it liked it. I picked up this book because I love drinking smoothies in the summer and was tried of the same ones again and again. I liked the idea of drinking one all year around for my health. I agree with the other readers that having pictures would have been nice. Although I liked the culinary tips. Another thing I noticed lacking was the author's writing about items. She assumes that the readers know what she is talking about. Ok, so it is not rocket science to blend items up in the blender.

What I mean I picked up this book because I love drinking smoothies in the summer and was tried of the same ones again and again. These are items that I am not familiar with. I had to look them up to see what they are. For example Xylitol is another name for a natural sweetener. Which you can buy online at Amazon for a 2. Kefir is a living water milk probiotic grain. So again not items that I am aware or keep readily on hand in my cupboards. Good idea is to search for these items at your local health food store or online like Amazon.

Aside from the lack of pictures and better explanations required, this is a nice book. So many different recipes to choose from. Of course, you will as I did skip around and try different ones from the other months and not just from the month that you are currently in. May 25, Teena in Toronto rated it it was amazing. I thought it would be interesting to get some other suggestions. I liked the fact that the focus is on recipes to get you slim and stay healthy.

The author starts by providing nutrition secrets for losing weight with smoothies minimizing sugar, adding protein, glass is better than plastic, buying organic, sweetening with fibre, etc. The next chapter has a list of the essential weight loss smoothie ingredients There is a description of their goodness and then how to prepare and store them. Then what follows are recipes for smoothies They are organized by ingredients to make shopping easier and by season so you'll be using ingredients that are in season. Nutritional information such as calories, carbs, fibreand protein are included along with culinary tips.

I read this book on my ereader If you are into smoothies, you should check it out Jun 27, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: received-for-review. I received this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. As promised, it gives you a smoothie recipe for every day of the year, each with ingredients suitable for the season. Each recipe includes data on the number of calories and carbs, as well as fat, fiber and protein content. These recipes are simple but creative, and those I have tried so far have been delicious. They call for use of healthy, all-natural foods with no added sugar or other sweeteners.

The Perfect Blend

The author has provided lots of I received this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. The author has provided lots of helpful and interesting information about the ingredients, and though a handful recipes contain items that might not be available in a traditional grocery store, there is nothing too exotic. Those few ingredients would be found in any health food store. It's not a fancy book-- no photos, and the layout isn't the easiest to read. Each month is a chapter, and the daily recipes are simply listed one after the other with no space in between.

It is a good book, though, and I plan to use it well. Jun 03, Beyond the Pages rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. This book was so well put together that I have nothing but good things to say about it.

I loved the simplicity of it, but even with that in mind, I can still say that it was quite comprehensive. Chapters one through three gave wonderful foundational information and need-to-knows. The remainder of the book was filled with recipes for scrumptious, yummy delights. I loved how the author broke down and presented the material. So many recipes! Each recipe was simp Skinny Smoothies is a must have! Each recipe was simple and easy to follow. The preparation and storage tips were great bonuses.

All I know is that I want this book as a hard copy. I have it on my list and that's that. Excellent job! The words I have expressed are my own. Sep 28, Aleece rated it liked it Shelves: arc-netgalley-edelweiss , cookbook. While I liked the idea of having a new smoothie everyday for me it was a little overwhelming. The book was broken up into different months and focused on one main ingredient seasonal for awhile so people don't have to have all different types of ingredients on hand at once.

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However, some ingredients that make up the components of the smoothie are not as easy to find or if you make them yourself seem to get a little pricey. I would definitely be willing to try some of these smoothies but if I d While I liked the idea of having a new smoothie everyday for me it was a little overwhelming. I would definitely be willing to try some of these smoothies but if I drank one every day I would probably be spending a lot of money in the process.

I also wish that there were pictures because I am very visual. I received this advanced copy from Harlequin through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. Feb 12, Ami rated it it was amazing Shelves: food. Great book! Filled with many wonderful recipes. Pretty much just about every type of fruit you can imagine, so if there is a fruit you don't like, it is easy to find something different. Some of the recipes felt like they repeated from earlier in the book, but I didn't mind too much. If there are parts of the recipe you don't like, it is easy to find substitutes.

Almost all of the ingredients are super easy to find in the grocery store. I had a lot of fun going through the recipes and finding th Great book!

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  8. I had a lot of fun going through the recipes and finding the best one for me! If you like smoothies or are looking to start trying them, you should give this book a try! Jul 18, Teri Ahlm rated it it was amazing. What a great resource for smoothies to make sure that you never get tired of the same old thing.